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We carry top quality grinders and grinding accessories from Glastar.

Gryphon Twister Convertible Grinder

The Gryphon Twister offers a revolutionary advance in comfort. By simply rotating the base, the grinding surface converts from horizontal to inclined. For the first time, you can sit while grinding. Even if you stand, the inclined work surface reduces fatigue because you no longer need to stoop over your work to see what you are doing.

An automatic pump supplies a constant flow of water directly to the bit regardless of saw orientation. Because of the way the water is directed onto the bit, there is virtually no splash. No sponge is required in this arrangement, eliminating a common source of irritation.

Features a powerful DC motor, built-in pump with spongeless cooling, second story platform, face shield, two Gryphon slip-on bits, longer bit life due to improved cooling.

Glastar All-Star Grinder - Professional Performance Grinder

The All-Star is the grinder of choice for the art glass professional. It is the only grinder that offers a built-in water pump/mini table which provides a surface to grind very small pieces of glass with a ?” grinding head. The work surface is 20% larger than any other grinder. It has a motor that produces 67% more torque (motor speed 1/9HP, 3560 RPM). The permanent split capacitor motor design results in smoother, quieter operation. The glass eye shield with an 8?x 9?lens is more scratch resistant than plastic lenses. It has a permanently “bonded? diamond grinding surface on the 1?main grinding head and the ?” grinding/drilling head. This grinder also includes a roller-type adjustable straight edge guide, convenient coolant drain and flexible rubber splash guard.

Glastar Super Star II Grinder - Premium Grinder for Hobbyists

The Super Star II is the perfect grinder for the artist or hobbyist. The Super Star II is equipped with a powerful 1/12 HP, 3450 RPM motor that doesn’t slow down when grinding. Combined with the permanently “bonded?diamond-grinding surface on the ?” main grinding head and the ?” grinding/drilling head, this grinder gives the glass artist what they need to create their work accurately and efficiently. The exclusive built-in accessory drawer is convenient for storage. This grinder also comes with a roller-type adjustable straight edge guide, convenient coolant drain system, and flexible rubber splash guard.

Glastar Diamond Star Grinder - Economical, High Efficiency Beginners?Grinder

The Diamond Star is a great grinder for the beginning hobbyist, and the perfect grinder to start the new student down the road of success. The hassle-free performance of the Diamond Star allows students to spend more time learning. It has a reliable 1/18HP, 3450RPM motor and long lasting ?” plated grinding head. Comes with a convenient coolant drain system, flexible rubber splash guard and exclusive built-in accessory drawer.

Glastar Diamond Grinding Heads

Glastar uses a unique diamond-bonding process that literally fuses the diamond particles to the grinding heads. The PBS?System eliminates “peeling.?The diamonds are permanently bonded to the head with controlled spacing of the particles making it easier to cool while creating more cutting edges on each particle.

Glastar heads are available in three grit sizes:

Standard grit for every day grinding
Fine grit for smoother finish
Coarse grit used for rapid grinding

Glastar Diamond Coated Drills

These unique diamond-coated drill bits will grind clean holes in glass more efficiently that any other drills on the market. They are simple to use and fit any portable electric drill. Available in 3/8? 1/4? 1/8?sizes.

Glastar Universal Mini Table

Attaches for convenient support when grinding with the 1/4?or 1/8?head. The table’s water well supplies enough coolant for approximately 30 minutes of grinding.

Glastar Griffi?Glassgripper

The Griffi?lies flat on the grinder work surface and grips the glass tight with its rugged jaws. The Griffi?can hold a piece of glass as small as 1/4?against the grinding head.

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